This describes the API for managing your affiliate account inside Everad CPA application.

API operates on REST principles with some deviations described explicitly in method's description.

All incoming data is passed in JSON format (with specified Content-type: application/json header)

Response usable data:

HTTP Status Code indicates whether your request was successfully processed (200, 201 codes) or ended with error (400 - bad input data, 403 - you don't have a permission to access the requested endpoint, 500 - internal server error, contact support).

Response Body contains requested data or error info (for 400 status codes).

Base url

Methods available:

/lists - fetch available data enums, used in other endpoints.

/session - manage your current session and permissions to access internal methods.

/profile - manage profile data (contacts, payments, language info).

/finances - manage your finances (daily transactions, payouts).

/news - fetch current news.

/offers - fetch available offers, manage your current offer permissions.

/spaces - manage your personal spaces for grouping your incoming traffic.

/campaigns - manage your campaigns.

/support - manage your support requests.

/analytics - get your traffic and financial statistics

/lookups - lookup for data by partial name

/master-account - manage your children account preferences (if your account is in master mode)

/oauth - authorize third-party systems with password grant oauth2 mechanism